Lemonade by the Gallon

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The Quest for a GF/DF/SF Pumpkin Roll – Revived

It has been pretty rare that I actually think about solving a problem really, really far in advance, but as I sit here willing myself to get off the couch and work on a project, I was reminded that I have yet to come up with a decent pumpkin roll that everyone in our family can eat.

Here is a recipe I may try: http://alovelysideproject.com/gluten-free-vegan-pumpkin-roll-how-to-video/

I especially appreciate recipes that have all of my necessary substitutions done for me.

Well, off I go to paint and contemplate pumpkin rolls as we await an update on a mission trip that someone special to us is on.

May God bless you on this first day of a brand new month!


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T+39 Days and counting

We moved into the new place over a month ago and signed off on the rental a week and a half ago.  We love the new house and so do the dogs. There’s a great view of the sunrise and plenty of room for the dogs to run. Yippee!!

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30 days and counting

We put in our notice to the property management company last week.  Nothing motivates people quite like being notified that the house is going to be listed and to get ready to let people walk through it!  Yikes!


Yesterday we made a couple of trips to the storage unit.  You know, it’s surprising how much space the project car is taking up in there.  We’ve ended up filling that thing up with smaller items.  Oh, and happy day!  It has a flat tire!  I suppose we’ll get to fork over more cash to have it towed since there are no electrical outlets, otherwise we could swing by with the air compressor on moving day.  Oh well.

I am super excited!  Now, to make the best possible use of my time between now and close (which we are trying to have moved up a week)!


Happy New Year!

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Packing up

I don’t know about anyone else, but one of the biggest nuisances on a busy day, to me, anyway,  is figuring out what’s for dinner.  When we moved last time, I decided to do two things:

  1.  Set a clear end to our work day, and
  2. Pack End-of-the-Day boxes for the first few days.

Those two things went over well.  First of all, most people, or at least most people in this house, are task oriented appreciate a defined ending to the task at hand.  It was helpful for the kids to know when they could stop unpacking, etc. for the day.  For that move, the ended of the day was dinner time.  Second, each End-of-the-Day box contained almost everything needed for making a quick dinner and easy dessert.  I had a shopping list of  the perishables that were needed, but it was a short list and there was no thought needed by that time if we had not already picked up the necessary item or two.  I wish I had kept a list of the meals we did so that I could do it  without having to think it through all over again!!  Oh well.  Lesson learned.

Besides the meal, each box included snack foods and other treats that we don’t normally waste spend money on, table service,  everything necessary to prep and cook the food (cookware, utensils, oil, ) a dish cloth and towel for clean-up, and a dvd that we hadn’t seen in a while.  I believe I also put a game in one or more of the boxes just in case anyone was up for more than just sitting in front of the television.  The move was pretty emotionally draining for everyone, so I wanted to have something fun available just in case anyone was up for it.

We were all pretty tired that first day after being on the road all night, dragging stuff in from the trailer and setting up the basics, so all of us were ready to crash by dinner time.  The youngest, 14 years old at the time, liked the boxes and looked forward to opening them once that first box was revealed to them that first evening.  Middleboy had just been ripped away from his whole life so I think he had other things on his mind.   I don’t recall getting any feedback from him one way or the other.  Oldest didn’t come, but he likes fun surprises.   The Mister doesn’t do frills so it didn’t matter one way or the other to him as long as we didn’t starve to death. This time we aren’t moving a million miles from everyone and everything we know and love, so it’s not such a big deal, but we still need to eat, so I’m going to try to do it again just for the fun of it.

For the last move I packed sparkling grape juice.  My wise friends advised against it since carbonation, glass and bouncing around in the car are not a good combo, but I really wanted to have something special in the first box.  The week we moved, I placed it into two sealed garbage bags, wrapped it in a lot of bubble wrap and then nestled it into a bath towel inside the first day’s box.  It survived!  Yay!

Now to get some boxes and get busy!

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Oh, yeah. I do have a blog, don’t I.

I’m not sure if I have anything worth saying, but I do want to blurt out that we are moving again, and I am excited about it!  It is my hope that it will be the home of our grandparenting years.  🙂  We’ll see what the Lord has in mind.

It seems like I was just blogging about all of the prep for the last move and hoping we would never. EVER. MOVE. AGAIN.

So much for that!

We’re buying a house closer to where The Mister’s new-ish job is.  It’s not a lot closer, but close enough to cut off some drive time and yet still not live in the parking lot that is Northern Virginia.

Lord willing, 58 days, dear reader.  58 days.



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Works for me Wednesday – Finally! A use for that pants hanger!

And no more wadded up ties!

At last!!  I finally have a way to use the pants hanger that has been hanging in our various closets for more than two decades!! I’m a big fan of space savers, but optimal pants “hangage” on this hanger is inconvenient at best.  It’s like a wrestling match to hang pants on it if there are already pants on there, and if the closet is full, forget it.

Our closets have always had to be used as Other Stuff storage, so they’ve usually been packed, and trying to lift multiple pairs of my husbands pants on one hanger with one hand while trying to make room between articles of clothing in an already tight space with the other hand is really challenging.  Basically, this hanger has been hanging empty for about 15 years. Prior to that, it held the pants that weren’t worth messing with the hanger to wear them!

Fast forward to a job change which required a wardrobe change and a new set of clothing storage issues.  I’m still not going to use that hanger for multiple pairs of pants.  They’re just too heavy.  Then it occurred to me that the tie situation wasn’t working and belts were always lying around, so maybe …


The useless has become very useful!  The non-slip surface of the bars makes it possible to organize The Mister’s ties by color and they don’t slip over into a bunch on one side of the hanger or slide off onto the floor.  The belts also have a new home other than over the top of the chair – and then usually onto the floor!

And that’s what works for me!  If you’d like to see what works for others, check out the Works For Me Wednesday blog carnival at We are THAT Family.