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I’m just making it up because it’s trendy.


‘Half of Britons suffer headaches due to food intolerance’

It’s a pretty decent article.  I felt slightly defensive and irritable when I read about the professional opinions and the comments, though.

Yes, I am making this up as I go so that I can lose weight.  I’ve also discovered  that I’m profoundly ungrateful.

It aggravates me when people act like something couldn’t possibly exist because they never heard about it before. It’s all pretend because they didn’t hear about it when they were children.  When they were children, out digging in the dirt, making mud pies, riding their bikes, running around the neighborhood, they never heard of food intolerance, therefore, it does not exist.

Ohhkaaay.   I never heard of a certain celebrity with a potty mouth  who plays Bruce Wayne/Batman, so obviously he did not exist until recently. It’s all about me.

Let me tell you something, People Who Never Heard Of Food Intolerance.  My grandmother had food allergies as a child, and  Celiac Disease was discovered in the 1800’s, so if you didn’t hear about gluten sensitivity until now, consider yourself blessed for not having to deal with it while people had yet to discover what was causing the symptoms and what would bring relief.

I believe in God’s hand of providence.  I believe God places in situations so that we can bring glory to Him.  In our church, there are at least 7 families who deal with life altering dietary restrictions.  There are multiple people in some of the families.  Actually, those are just the families where gluten is a factor, and the number of people affected to people in the total church population is much higher than the national stat.   We live in a fallen world, and stuff is broken.  The grains are not what they used to be, and our bodies don’t work right. God knew we would need support, so He placed us together “for such a time as this”.  I have no doubt about this.

Yesterday, I talked to a friend who is new to eliminating gluten.  She was very discouraged because she had seen an improvement, and then, for no apparent reason, she seemed to be back to square one with her symptoms.  I clued her in to a couple of important changes she’d need to make to avoid gluten totally, and she hadn’t heard them before – eliminate ordinary oats and nonstick surfaces in favor of cert. gluten free oats and stainless steel to avoid cross contact/contamination.  We’ve got to stick together to get better!

I can assure anyone who wonders about this that having a food sensitivity is not a “trend”, it is a very real condition.  People are recognizing this, making changes, and feeling better since their bodies aren’t constantly reacting to things.

That’s enough rambling for now.  Heidi needs to go outside and I need to go finish the last few dishes.


4 thoughts on “I’m just making it up because it’s trendy.

  1. I’m right with you and the way they say they’ve never heard of it, as if it’s somehow your fault, must really tick you off. That said, comparing my class in school – one girl with bad hayfever, two with asthma – and an average school today, one or two people without allergies per class, if you’re lucky, I am pretty sure allergies are on the up. I sympathise, it’s bad enough trying to explain to a restaurant that I’m allergic to mushrooms… I’m with you, it’s not a trend but I’m certain it’s on the increase!

    God bless and hang in there.



  2. I agree with the prior comment. I believe it is on the rise…and for the very reason you stated, Mrs. Nicklebee….we live in a fallen world and our bodies are breaking down. Very seldom does man get it right when he/she tries to make it better.

  3. Well… I hate to break this to you, Mrs. N, but it is a trend, for better or worse. I am still undecided if the publicity over CD in the last few years is a good thing for celiacs, or a bad thing. So many people are jumping on the CD bandwagon because — not surprisingly — they find that when they eat gluten-free, they feel better. In fact, that’s the whole premise of Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s new book The G-Free Diet. She was recently diagnosed w/ CD, but several national celiac foundations/research groups/etc., have taken issue with her book, because it perpetuates the idea that people should eat g.f. as a lifestyle choice just “because.”

    On one hand, that ups the awareness and if more people are eating g.f., then there are likely to be more g.f. choices for people like me. OTOH, you have people doing it basically as another diet of the month, just trying it out, and not eating g.f. out of true medical necessity, and then who cheat on the diet, leading many to think that you can be g.f. but it’s not all that important to be g.f. 100% of the time… or you have people treating it like a diet (a lose-weight diet) trend, instead of as serious treatment for a serious autoimmune disorder.

  4. BC and Dot, yes, allergies and sensitivities do seem to be on the rise, but I don’t think the rise is as steep as it might seem. Years ago, like when my next door neighbor was a young girl, people were referred to as “sickly”. Mrs. Widowneighbor is in her late 80’s and has been plagued with allergies for her entire life, but they weren’t recognized until much later.

    I am certain that I have had food and environmental allergies for most of my 29* years, but many doctors didn’t troubleshoot much yet back then if the parents didn’t recognize a problem and say something (or if parents did recognize a problem and didn’t say anything). Many of the people I’ve talked to or whose posts I’ve read on glutenfreeforum.com were dx’d (or misdx’d) with issues later in life. I suspect people don’t realize what’s not normal. It’s amazing how many people simply put up and shut up because they don’t know there are other options.

    Anyway, all of that is to say that, while it may seem like allergies have taken a sharp upward turn, I really think they’ve been there for many people for far longer than the point at which they were dx’d. Clear as mud?

    KJ, yes, you’re right, it is a trend, but what I was saying was that, for those of us who are sick, this is not some here today, gone tomorrow diet trend, but about our health.

    I have to say that I have not read Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s book, but I did see where she referred to this as an allergy. Unfortunately, it is much worse than that. If nothing else, I hope her book generates discussion and that the facts are more widely known when all is said and done.

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