Lemonade by the Gallon

Friday, frosting day

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Buttercup* and I finished our cupcakes this morning.  Aunt Guardian’s birthday is coming up so I thought it would be fun for Buttercup* to make her very own sweet treat to share since food challenged people get left out so often.  Aunt Guardian has really bent over backwards to help Buttercup in many, many ways.

We made these cupcakes yesterday using the Namaste Chococlate Cake mix. Good stuff! Because I didn't want to doink up someone else's treat, we used the 3 eggs instead of egg replacer. Texture wise, they're almost exactly like the egg free version. They are slightly fluffier.

Buttercup* creaming the Spectrum Organic Shortening and Earth Balance Soy Free Natural Buttery Spread.

Buttercup* stirring the powdered sugar into the creamed fats so we wouldn't burn out the motor on my handheld wand mixer thingy.

So much frosting and so few fingers!

The finished product


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