Lemonade by the Gallon

Moving day is in sight!

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I can’t believe it.  The day I have been impatiently awaiting for over a year, and in some ways, much, much longer, is almost here!  I am so excited!

And sad.

But mostly excited!

But definitely sad.

I’m going to miss my friends and family.  And while I’ll miss my family, I think I’ll miss my friends more.  You’re born into your family and they can’t forget you. They are obligated by blood to stay in touch with you.  Friends are under no such obligation, and though I would wish for my best girlfriends to deeply mourn my leaving, to become despondent even,  I know it would be unfair to them to expect that.   Besides, they are the type of ladies that people like and who can never be without friends, even if they wanted to.

Oh, and I would like to share a pet peeve.  I try not to gripe about things on here because griping just kinda stinks up the place, but I do want to share this one thing because I think ladies need to be aware of how our words and behavior impact others.

I can’t stand it when women gush all over Facebook or in real life about who their best friend(s) is(are), how great it is to spend time with them, and how many fun and wonderful things they do together.  I think that is incredibly rude.  It’s like telling every other woman in the world, and more importantly, in your circle of acquaintance, that she is not your best friend.  Women don’t have to be told that we’re not your best friend, but every woman should be treated as though it’s a blessing to be in her presence.   There’s so much isolation and loneliness in the world of women.  Why add to that?

I don’t have one best friend, I have a few.  They are each precious jewels and there’s no comparing them.  They are fantastic human beings in their own right.


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