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Works for me Wednesday – Finally! A use for that pants hanger!

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And no more wadded up ties!

At last!!  I finally have a way to use the pants hanger that has been hanging in our various closets for more than two decades!! I’m a big fan of space savers, but optimal pants “hangage” on this hanger is inconvenient at best.  It’s like a wrestling match to hang pants on it if there are already pants on there, and if the closet is full, forget it.

Our closets have always had to be used as Other Stuff storage, so they’ve usually been packed, and trying to lift multiple pairs of my husbands pants on one hanger with one hand while trying to make room between articles of clothing in an already tight space with the other hand is really challenging.  Basically, this hanger has been hanging empty for about 15 years. Prior to that, it held the pants that weren’t worth messing with the hanger to wear them!

Fast forward to a job change which required a wardrobe change and a new set of clothing storage issues.  I’m still not going to use that hanger for multiple pairs of pants.  They’re just too heavy.  Then it occurred to me that the tie situation wasn’t working and belts were always lying around, so maybe …


The useless has become very useful!  The non-slip surface of the bars makes it possible to organize The Mister’s ties by color and they don’t slip over into a bunch on one side of the hanger or slide off onto the floor.  The belts also have a new home other than over the top of the chair – and then usually onto the floor!

And that’s what works for me!  If you’d like to see what works for others, check out the Works For Me Wednesday blog carnival at We are THAT Family.



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