Lemonade by the Gallon

Oh, yeah. I do have a blog, don’t I.

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I’m not sure if I have anything worth saying, but I do want to blurt out that we are moving again, and I am excited about it!  It is my hope that it will be the home of our grandparenting years.  🙂  We’ll see what the Lord has in mind.

It seems like I was just blogging about all of the prep for the last move and hoping we would never. EVER. MOVE. AGAIN.

So much for that!

We’re buying a house closer to where The Mister’s new-ish job is.  It’s not a lot closer, but close enough to cut off some drive time and yet still not live in the parking lot that is Northern Virginia.

Lord willing, 58 days, dear reader.  58 days.




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