Lemonade by the Gallon

30 days and counting

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We put in our notice to the property management company last week.  Nothing motivates people quite like being notified that the house is going to be listed and to get ready to let people walk through it!  Yikes!


Yesterday we made a couple of trips to the storage unit.  You know, it’s surprising how much space the project car is taking up in there.  We’ve ended up filling that thing up with smaller items.  Oh, and happy day!  It has a flat tire!  I suppose we’ll get to fork over more cash to have it towed since there are no electrical outlets, otherwise we could swing by with the air compressor on moving day.  Oh well.

I am super excited!  Now, to make the best possible use of my time between now and close (which we are trying to have moved up a week)!


Happy New Year!


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